Phase 2

our direction (phase 2012 - 2020)

The second phase of Koridor Utara's mission is tailored towards broadening the role of the private sector in the economic development of Koridor Utara. To this end, NCIA will continue to work closely with Koridor Utara's stakeholder in various endeavours which will include establishing a network of businesses - involving both foreign and domestic linkages. Six overarching goals for Koridor Utara's second phase have been identified;

  • fostering a strong innovation environment

  • diversifying the economy by leveraging on core clusters

  • catalyse economic growth by encouraging private sector participation and enhancing the support eco-system

  • grow and maintain an industry-relevant talent base

  • capitalize on regional trade networks

  • ensure socio- economic spill-overs to the Rakyat

Koridor Utara's 40 years of evolution has created a set of critical engineering – based baseline skill sets; and from 2013-2020, NCIA will leverage on this to diversify its economic based by encouraging related fields like the automotive industry, aerospace, medical devices, industry-support enablers as well as technology/biotech - driven agriculture and processing, all tuned towards enabling further economic growth in Koridor Utara. NCIA believes that these afford will result in Koridor Utara emerging as the preferred place for investment, work and living, as it continues to be driven by a highly capable industrial-relevant workforce.