“With the government’s support to revitalize the agricultural sector, many strategic initiatives are being implemented in Koridor Utara. Our objective is to build, enhance and sustain productivity through integration of technology and talent.”
Dr. Wan Rahaman, Head of Agriculture


The agriculture sector will be revitalised to fulfill domestic demands and exports. In doing this, we will not only raise the output of the agricultural sector, but will concurrently elevate the living standards of farming communities, alleviating them from poverty. We are positioning Koridor Utara to be a modern food zone; and we are aim to achieve this by modernising current farming technique and promoting the youths by technology to take agriculture to the next level. An integrated support system has been put in place; and with this being augmented by the presence of the NCIA biotech centre and the plant science and tissue culture node, the private sector can be assured of a full fledge support infrastructure.

our objectives

  • Leading the transformation of Malaysia’s agriculture sectors, by adopting commercial-scale farming and implementing the latest technologies into their activities.

  • Increasing exports of premium, fresh and processed agriculture products.

  • Assisting Malaysia in its food self-sufficiency objectives in staple foods such as rice.

  • Cultivating new commercial crops and promoting downstream activities in the agriculture sector.