"Our objective has been to add new vigour to the Tourism sector by leveraging on our two international gateways (Langkawi & Penang) while creating new attractions and re-invigorating existing ones. We will continue to target an increase in the tourists’ average length of stay as well as their average spend through strategic initiatives."
Muhammad Zaki Mohd Saman, Head of Tourism


Malaysia is recognised globally as one of the world's leading tourism destinations, ranking top 10 in terms of arrivals and top 15 in terms of receipts. Koridor Utara plays a leading role in this national success, as it is blessed with a heritage of rich natural attractions, culture, cuisine, healthcare and wellness services and a diverse range of choices based on differing levels of affordability.

Koridor Utara is endowed with an abundance of rich natural attractions, bio-diversity and adventure, archaeological treasures, culture, heritage and cuisine offerings, healthcare and wellness facilities, a diverse range of affordable luxury services and facilities and ideal region for unique and thematic business tourism opportunities in the Northern states of Kedah, Perlis, Penang and north of Perak.

To this end, there are many opportunities to scale up these tourism offerings to enhance revenue and create more economic activities for Koridor Utara.

The NCIA encourages investors with the relevant skills, expertise and knowledge to invest in developing high-quality, innovative and sustainable tourism facilities within the Koridor Utara.

our objective

  • Enhancing key tourist destinations in the North to attract higher-yielding tourists, increasing tourist spending, and expanding the size of the tourism industry in the region